Dr. Banu T. Kantarcioglu

Istanbul, Turkey
Presentation: Integrating homeopathy into a daily clinic in Turkey

Dr. Barbara Bichsel-Altherr

Zürich, Switzerland
Presentation: Case reports illustrating integration of Homeopathy in the Swiss public health system

Dr. Beatrice Milleder

Munich, Germany
Presentation: Homeopathic case taking in animals

Dr. Bernhard Hornig

Presentation: A simple way to find appropriate behaviour rubrics

Dr. Christien Klein-Laansma

Oosterbeek, the Netherlands
Presentation: Starting clinical research – practical aspects

Dr. Cinzia Ciarmatori

Camerino, Italy
Presentation: Ulisse’s journey – Severe pneumonia in a male ferret

Dr. David Bettio

Parma, Italy
Presentation: IBD and lymphocytic gastroenteritis: strategy to cure and interaction with early chemotherapeutic treatment

Dr. Don Hamilton

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Presentation: Prevention and treatment of Iatrogenic diseases from vaccination and drugs, including chemotherapy

Dr. Dora Pachova

Sofia, Bulgaria
Presentation: Strategies for cooperation and integration of homeopathy in the medical practice in Bulgaria

Dr. Erfried Pichler

Klagenfurt, Austria
Presentation: Optional treatment with homeopathy for children suffering from cancer

Dr. Franziska Bläuer

Uster, Switzerland
Presentation: Case reports illustrating integration of Homeopathy in the Swiss public health system

Dr. Frederik Schroyens

Gent, Belgium

Presentation: CliFiCol database and its importance for the development of homeopathy

Dr. Hélène Renoux

Paris, France

Presentation: Provings as tools for basic homeopathic education.

Dr. Jean Pierre Jansen

Presentation: C4-trituration provings “from niche to mainstream”, their added value, their specificity

Dr. Katharina Gaertner

Bern, Switzerland

Presentation: Homeopathic Consultant services at the University Hospital Bern, Switzerland

Dr. Lex Rutten

Breda, the Netherlands

Presentation: Different modalities of prognostic factor research; how can homeopathic
practitioners participate?

Dr. Liesbeth Ellinger

Apeldoorn, Holland
Presentation Vet Seminar: Antimicrobial resistance and homeopathy

Presentation Research Workshop: Homeopathic research in (farm) animals: do’s and don’ts.


Dr. Marcela Muñoz Montoya

Bogotá, Colombia
Presentation: The Educational Clinical Practice in Veterinary Homeopathy in the Frame of a University Formation in Colombia

Dr. María Carolina González Gómez

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Presentation: How can we discover the appropriate remedy for an acute case in a successful way

Dr. María Fernández Portales

Asturias, Spain
Presentation: Management of homeopathic Mastitis Treatment in dairy cows

Dr. Mirjam Blatnik

Ljubljana, Slovenia
Presentation: How to apply veterinary homeopathy in an everyday clinic in Slovenia

Dr. Michael Frass

Moedling, Austria
Presentation Symposium: Influence of Adjunctive Classical Homeopathy on Global Health Status And Subjective Wellbeing in Cancer Patients – a Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Trial

Presentation Research Workshop: What are pragmatic clinical trials, and why do we need more of them?

Dr. Patricia Cayado

Madrid, Spain
Presentation: Effect of homeopathic treatments on inflammatory mediators after abdominal surgery in horses

Dr. Peter Gregory

Lulworth, Dorset, UK
Presentation: Rhus toxicodendron as a constitutional remedy in animals.

Dr. Peter Smith

Presentation: How to differentiate between a proving and an adverse reaction.

Dr. Petra Weiermayer

Vienna, Austria
Presentation: Wound healing disorder in a horse, associated with antimicrobial resistant bacteria, resolved with a homeopathic remedy

Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom)

Mumbai, India
Presentation: New Drug Development: Clinical Research Opportunities

Dr. Raj. K. Manchanda

New Delhi, India
Presentation: Overview of Homeopathy in India and Evidence based Dermatology
Presentation in workshop: India’s Initiatives for International Collaboration in Research

Robbert van Haselen

London, UK
Presentation: What is critical thinking, and why do you need it to assess and improve your own practice?

Dr. Rosaria Ferreri

Toscana, Italy
Presentation: Diabetes type 2 patients, homeopathy and Integrated medicine: preliminary results of a clinical study in the Center of Integrated Medicine – Pitigliano Hospital

Dr. Sara Eames

London, UK
Presentation: Homeopathy at The Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine: Past , present and future. A story of adaptation in challenging times.

Dr. Sara Fox Chapman

Washington DC, USA
Presentation: Behavioural Problems in Companion Animals – Homeopathic Treatment

Dr. Sigrid Kruse

Munich, Germany

Presentation: Integration of Homeopathy in a University Children’s Hospital in Munich

Dr. Stefan Kohlrausch

Munich, Germany
Presentation Symposium: Strategy in epilepsy: combination or selection of homeopathic and allopathic treatment

Presentations Vet seminar: Structure and Use of the Repertory, Homeopathic prevention of internal and external parasites (Dirofilaria, Leishmania, Ticks, Fleas, Worms)

Dr. Susanne Diez

Vienna, Austria
Presentation: Fruitful collaboration between homeopathy and cardiology. Cardiological problems in daily homeopathic practice – hypertension, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, angina pectoris; short glances in acute and chronic cases.

Presentation (workshop): C4-trituration provings “from niche to mainstream”, their added value, their specificity
Vienna, Austria